Kickass Methods To Promote Your YouTube Video

Kickass Methods To Promote Your YouTube Video

Do you have a YouTube channel? Well, here is a fun fact you should know: There are over 23 million YouTube channels. Globally, YouTube has more than 500 hours of video uploads every minute. 

Do you follow your schedule for posting videos regularly? Do you get the expected number of views for your hard work? Are you getting insecure about how you can improve the number of views for your videos? 

First of all, keep calm. You are at the right place. I am going to answer all your queries in this article.

 In this article, I will discuss all the possible methods of promoting your YouTube video.

Use these proven methods to drive unbelievable organic traffic to your channel. 

If you practice well you can get the right kind of traffic that usually big brands and celebrities of YouTube get. 

YouTube SEO practices

  • Just like Google, YouTube SEO can help you to rank your video high in SERPs. YouTube SEO is not as complex as Google. You can take leverage of it to get YouTube to promote your video over others.

Ranking parameters

YouTube does not tell much about the ranking factors. But YouTube SEO specialists run comprehensive tests to systematically specify what help YouTube channels to promote their videos. Here I have listed a few points according to YouTube SEO professionals.

  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Tags
  4. Length of Video
  5. Number of subscribers 
  6. Share
  8. Likes/dislikes
  9. Transcription by YouTube
  • Title: Use well-crafted keyword-based titles instead of default ones.
  • Description: Put a concise description of the content of the video. This space only offers 150 words. It is hardly a couple of lines. Mention the keywords in the description. 
  • Tags: Don’t overdo it. Use only 10/12 relevant tags. Never use irrelevant or misleading tags.
  • Length: Make sure that the video is as short as possible. The audience should not feel bored while watching your video. It also depends on the topic. If you are making videos in a series of a single topic then don’t make every video too short.
  • Subscribers: Encourage your viewers to subscribe to your channel. Giveaway announcements can help you.
  • Share: Ask your friends, family, and viewers to share the link of your video on various social media platforms. You can personally message them and request them to do so.
  • Comments: Throw a yes/no question to your viewers and ask them to comment below. Don’t forget to reply to them. It will encourage them to comment more in the future.
  • Like/dislike: This is not in our hands. But you can hope for the positive result after your hard work. Try to connect with them more emotionally.
  • Transcription: YouTube has created its transcription. So ensure to use the keyword phrase in the video as well. 

How to boost YouTube SEO

1) Keyword research: Put the most effort in keyword searching. Your future depends on it.

You can use free route or paid tools for your keyword selection.

For free keyword research, the methods are-

  • Use Google keyword planner. It lists the most searched keywords.
  • Search in Google for a keyword. If you get any video results then you are lucky. This can be your keyword for your next video.
  • Use the YouTube recommendation. Type a keyword in the YouTube search box and see the recommendations coming.

2) Script: While writing the script, remember that YouTube has its transcription now. That’s why you should use the keyword phrases in the script as many times as possible. It can help you to show up high in search engine crawling.

3) Delivery tone: The tone of the script should be engaging. Nobody wants to watch a blank video. The throwing should be polite & funny. Viewers will get more passionate about you.

4) Annotations: If you are making a long video then add a clickable annotation within the first couple of minutes. When anyone clicks it YouTube will calculate it as complete watch time. 

5) Custom Thumbnails: Thumbnails are the first thing people see in a video. Don’t just use a random still from your video. Put some effort and customize it. Use 3/4 important stills to a cohesive theme.

6) Advertisement: Use other social media platforms to advertise your video. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram are famous for advertisement campaigning.

7) Playlist: Utilise the most of YouTube playlist. When you upload a new video add it to the playlist. If you create a new playlist then try to name it on particular topics.

8) Leverage from Influencers: This is not a very direct method. But when you interview YouTube influencers of the same niche, it always grabs the attention of others who follow those influencers on YouTube. It can make a difference in subscribers counting and views counting.


Now you know what you have to do after you post a video on YouTube. You are welcome to share you own strategies at our forum, and to get some help from our professionals to go viral on YouTube in your next video. We would love to help you grow.
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