How to Perfectly Optimize Your Business Facebook Page And Turn It Into A Conversions Machine

How to Perfectly Optimize Your Business Facebook Page And Turn It Into A Conversions Machine

Social media profiles are the cornerstone of all marketing strategies, and Facebook is at the top of all other social media profiles. Your page cannot reach customers and every corner of the Facebook if you just keep posting. Posting and managing your business Facebook Page has some general rules. Optimizing Facebook pages is a convenient job. It is very important to have your Facebook page optimized accurately while following some best SEO practices.  

Let me tell you more about optimization of your business Facebook page. 

1. Choose the Correct Name

Choosing a generic keyword name is the practice used by most users around. Generic keyword sometimes looks spammy and discourages others to follow you. Your reputation is directly connected with your business’s image in the digital world. So, you should discontinue the pattern and choose a name that represents your personality and your business’s image.

2. Make Changes to Your Vanity URL

You should not use the default vanity URL that is automatically generated when you register. On Facebook, you can alter your vanity URL and match it with your brand name. You can choose a very unique vanity URL that is also easy to remember. 

Also, if you personalize your Facebook URL, your brand will be easily found by other users. 

3. Complete Details on the Facebook Page

You should fill your Facebook page details completely to ensure that you are actively engaged and committed to your active presence online. Your profile should contain updated and authentic information about your brand. Profile Picture, Cover Photo, About Us and other details should be creative and original. 

4. Concentrate Upon “About Us” Section

“About Us” on the page reflects the standards and quality of your product and marketing strategy. Your About US should include your services, intention of bringing values and integrity in production of your brand and vow to serve your customers faithfully. 

Furthermore, you should choose a category wisely because it impacts the performance of your Facebook page. 

Tip: You are advised to include the links of your website so that your find-ability is improved significantly. 

5. Use Keywords Strategically

Distribution of the keywords should be done wisely and strategically on the Facebook pages; otherwise your Facebook page may not get the rank it deserves. You must try to include them in your About Us section, Title and URL. Remember to not overuse the keywords in the page, just put them in different parts of the page to remain relevant. 

6. Include Phone Number, Address and Call-to-Action Feature

Let customers be assured that you are authentic by adding your valid phone number and address in the page. There is a feature in Facebook called Call-to-Action which allows you to insert contact buttons in your page. There are seven types, including:

  1. Book Now
  2. Contact us
  3. Sign up (mailing list)
  4. Use App
  5. Shop Now
  6. Watch Video
  7. Play the Game

Other optimization techniques include messenger for business pages, saved replies and payments via Facebook. You can optimize Facebook page with all of the above techniques, and increase conversion rates greatly.
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