How to Laser Target the Perfect Audience with Facebook Ads

How to Laser Target the Perfect Audience with Facebook Ads

Out of all the social media platforms, Facebook is the most important, famous and known social media name. Every household has heard it and maybe using it on a daily basis, as Facebook receives 1 billion active users daily. So, all the brands’ companies know that Facebook weighs above all in their social media marketing strategy. 

Facebook should be used in a way to reach potential buyers using the latest and most useful market niches. 

However, now Facebook has included advanced techniques and options regarding targeting audiences. So, you have to be a pro to laser target the perfect audiences with Facebook Ads. And here’s how to become one:

How to Laser Target the Perfect Audience

You should layer your audience when you narrow target the right audience using Facebook Ads Manager. You do it in the following way:

  • Knowing Facebook Targeting Options

There are more detailed targeting options in the Facebook ads manager. There are main four categories that appear in the “Browse Button”, which include Interest, Demographics, Behaviors, etc. So, your ads will be accessed by people who have an interest in the category you choose. For example, if you want to target fresh graduates, you may use “graduated in the XYZ year” option to reach the perfect audiences through Facebook ads. 

Furthermore, you may also reach people using behaviors. Users have purchasing behaviors, commenting and liking behaviors, so you may use “shopping behaviors” in Facebook Ads Manager to reach the perfect audiences. 

Thus, you refine the categories of your audiences in the Facebook Ads Manager. 

  • Reaching The Most Potential Buyers or Perfect Audience Through Researching

In Facebook, the strategy of targeting an audience should be approached in a logical and strategic manner with the objective of reaching the most potential buyers. You can reach the right audience by choosing to filter them with the “Interests” option. For example, if I want to target the hardcore boxing fans, I must refine my “search” with “hardcore knowledge” about the field. Mohammad Ali is a figure that is known by a large number of people as a boxing champion. So, if you target boxing fans with his name, everyone will probably know about him. So, to reach the “true fans” you must research what a true boxing fanatic would know. 

Targeting people who know Michael Moorer will promote ad to the perfect audience of boxing fans. If you had not conducted the research, you would not have reached the perfect audience. Facebook tools such as Facebook Audience Insights can help in researching the audience for your brand. 

Learning to Laser Target in Facebook Ads Manager:

Step No#1: Choosing Interests

Begin with creating Ads in Facebook Ads Manager. Now, you must type the interest. Typically, you must choose a broad interest that has over 1 million audiences. 

Step No#2: Narrowing Interests

Now, you will be required to narrow down your audiences by refining the interests, such as writing pet products, baby products, baby clothes, etc. 

Step No#3: Second Interest

At this stage, you put the second interest, refining the first interests. For example, cat owners with pet products, new parents with baby products and 3-4 years baby parents with baby clothes. 

Step No#4: Third Interest

Finally, you should add the third interest to further refine your narrowing of the audiences. You may add Petco against cat owners with pet products, baby diapers brand with new parents and baby products and baby clothing brand with 3-4 years baby parents with baby clothes. 

Once you are done with narrowing down your audiences, you would accomplish your goal of targeting the right audience for the promotion of your brand, which will help you in increasing your sales, boosting your conversion rates, reaching new people, improving engagement with audiences and making loyal audiences. 


The right targeted audience makes a hell of a difference that determines the success and failure of any Facebook ads campaign. So, you should make the effort of reaching the right audiences by narrowing down your audiences in your market niche on Facebook and you will maximize your ROI (Return on Investment).
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