How to Grow and Market an Instagram Account

How to Grow and Market an Instagram Account

Instagram account is not only for posting best of your pictures, but also a business opportunity and career choice. Public Business Accounts pay in thousands of dollars if your account has millions of followers. No matter you are a new actor, a product company or a celebrity, you will need social media profiles to keep in touch with your audience and remain connected. 

For marketing purposes, Instagram profile is very important for a brand’s image and reputation.  

For improving your brand image and value, your followers must increase steadily. For growing Instagram account, you must incorporate these steps into your account:

1. Using Free Instagram Tools

Instagram has free tools for its business profiles just alike Facebook. If you have run your business profile in Facebook, it would be easier for you to promote and grow your Instagram business account through using its analytical tools and Insights tools. You are provided with data statistics, which help you in understanding your audience and your performance’s overall impact. 

After analyzing the report prepared by analytical tools, you make more adjustments into your profile and improve your performance so that visitor’s interaction and engagement with your brand or profile may grow. 

Instagram Business Profile also has contact options, which include messaging, emailing and calling options. 

2. Promote Your Instagram Profile 

You should promote your newbie Instagram profile on your other social media profiles, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn etc. Those customers, who are loyal to your brand and want to follow you, will surely follow you on Instagram as well. Cross promoting your Instagram profile help you grow and market your Instagram account. 

3. Do Not Post Frequently

Well, if your followers find too many posts from your profile in their newsfeed, they will surely grow disinterest and end up un-following your page. Nobody wants too many posts in their face. So, you should try to stay relevant on your Instagram account. 

However, there are some pages who post every hour and their followers admire their instant posting. So, this is not an ultimate formula. You should try to study the response of your followers through analytical tools and decide for yourself what you should do. 

4. Keep A Keen Interaction With Your Followers

You shoud not remain arrogant and aloof with your followers. If your valued followers have taken out time to leave a precious comment and heart on your post, you should also respond them warmly and whole-heartedly. 

Also, you can post interacting posts such as “tag your friends”, “had you had this moment” or “did you do this in school/college/childhood”. Your followers will surely start interacting on your profile and notice your brand or work. Tagged people may also follow you. Thus, your Instagram account grows through interaction with the followers. 

5. Using a unique #hashtag

Another trendy way to grow and market your Instagram account is to use cool and unique hashtags. 

For example, create a hashtag for the moment when someone wears your brand or copies your steps of a song, or reads your book, eats your food etc. You may repost a follower’s image that used your hashtag, thus many others will be also tempted to use your hashtags. This way, you can grow your interaction with the followers and advertise your product for free.

6. Posting other profile’s content

If you are finding it hard to post at scheduled time every time, you can try to post other profiles content that is relevant to your account’s content. You should give them credit and put a source link to their profile. This is how; you can remain active and engage with the community as well. 

This is one of significant growing Instagram account strategy. 

7. Remaining Creative on Instagram

Nobody will follow your account if you bore them with advertisement posts. Creative images raises the interest of the users into your account, and they check your content keenly whenever you post something. Growing Instagram account strategy must be built around creative branding and marketing. 

These are some of the ideas you should incorporate in your Instagram marketing strategy, which will surely end up in the growth of your business Instagram account.
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