How to Create and Manage an Successful Pinterest Business Account

How to Create and Manage Pinterest Business Account

Pinterest is a powerhouse for people who want to promote and market their products. Pinterest account has become a necessity for most brands and businesses. 

If you are new to the world of Pinterest and finding it difficult to create and manage your Pinterest Business account, here we have provided a guide about how to create and manage Pinterest Business Account:

Step No#1: Creating a Pinterest Business Account

Know that you are not creating a simple Pinterest Account but a Pinterest Business Account. So, you will need to go to Pinterest Business Account Sign Up and create a Pinterest Business Account.

Step No#2: Name Yourself a Business

You will be joining Pinterest as a Business, so you will be required to fill forms appropriately. If you are selling products online, you may choose the “online marketplace type” for your marketplace ECommerce website platform. Now, create your account.

Step No#3: Five Categories

Now, you will be required to choose five categories for your account news feed. These categories will fill your newsfeed.

Pins related to these categories will appear in your newsfeed.

Step No#4: Set Up Your Profile

At the top right corner, choose the “pushpin” and then “My Profile”. Edit Profile wherever it is required to show that you are valid and legitimate.

Step No#5: Tip for Editing Profile

Here are some of the tips that you may find useful while editing your profile:

  • Use your brand’s logo on your profile picture. You may need to fit it well into the circular profile picture of Pinterest.
  • Your username should represent your company or brand’s name. If your business name has been already selected by another user, you may choose a variant business name and use it.
  • Use the specific keywords in your “About You” section. Try to do research on the keyword, and then choose the proper keyword.
  • Enter your website in the box, and confirm it. Make sure you click to confirm the website. This technique will allow you to verify your product and website. If anybody else tries to use it on Pinterest, you will be alerted by Pinterest.

Now, save all the information that you have put in the “Editing Profile” window.

Step No#6: Create Post, Pin and Have Fun

There are boards on Pinterest, which are created by you. You can create different boards depending upon the things you like. Boards are similar to a virtual scrapbook. Add photos, and enjoy using the experience of Pinterest.

To create a board, choose the “Create a Board” option and give a description, name, and category for your board.

Step No#7: Begin Pinning

When you search for pins, results appear. Choose any pin from the results, and pin it to your board.

Once you have pinned an item, other recommendations of the similar information category appear. These users offer their content, and you might also want to pin them.

Conclusion: The key to remaining popular in Pinterest is to pin relevant content. - Services & Outsourcing For Business
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