How to Create An Effective Instagram Hashtag Strategy

How to Create An Effective Instagram Hashtag Strategy

With the craziness around the social media platforms, brands have taken advantage of active status of the users to build their brand awareness, get loyal customers, better conversion rates and to boost in their sales. 

Instagram is one of such platforms that specifically gives merits to businesses in the subjects such as food, fashion or travel industry. 

In Instagram, Hashtags are used to promote, draw attention and reach a particular categorized post. Now, Hashtags have become standards and quality statement of the profiles. Thus, it contributes to the Instagram growth. Hashtags are not just how cool, upgraded and inspirational your posts look in the Instagram, but they also determine your account’s growth. 

In the following, you will learn how to create an effective Instagram Hashtag strategy for a killer Instagram growth:

1. Build a Posting Strategy

All social media platforms have a “sorting strategy”. For instance, Facebook had launched “EdgeRank” initially for sorting the content for search purposes. It determined searches through recency, popularity and type of post etc. The same way, Instagram also has an effective sorting technique in which your perfect Hashtag is included. 

These determining factors decide who will see your posts, where your posts will be reached and how popular your posts will be. In order to grow your Instagram account, you must build a sound and comprehensive posting strategy as to what you will post, which category you will post, how much will you post, the relevancy of your posts with the Hashtags etc.  This is how you will reach the targeted audience, boost your page followers and increase your sales. 

2. Use Popular Hashtags

We already know that Hashtags have to be popularly known to reach a segment of the free Instagram followers. Up to 30 Hashtags per posts can be used. We also see celebrities and very famous people using 30/30 famous Instagram Hashtags to popularize their posted content. So, do not take these things for granted. Just, search the most popular hashtags and publish a post relevant to the particular Hashtags. This method is called viral marketing. 

3. Post the Top Notch Content

Now, you must find and discover the top-notch content being liked and posted on Instagram. You should surf a bit, find the latest trends, choose a strategy, and prepare the post and public it to your targeted audience. Thus, the reach of your posts will be increased, boosting engagement, reachs, frequency and your revenue generation greatly. 

4. Partner with Bloggers and other Content Creators

You might get tired of the number of posts you should post per day. So, you can get help from the bloggers and other content creators by asking them to sign up with you on payment-agreement basis, and help you promote your products through various techniques. Thus, you may also use their “Hashtags” along with your updated “Hashtags”, reach more people, increase engagement and get your posts promoted in no time. 

5. Host Contests To Improve Your Reach

There are many Hashtags related to the different contests on Instagram. You may use a contest matching the theme of your profile, and relevancy of the posts. Photos contest is the best of all. You can invite several users to generate high quality contests using your Hashtags, thus promoting your own page and getting reach to new users and segments in Instagram.  

Above are some of the tips that will help you in creating effective Hashtags that will result in the growth of your Instagram account. Effective and updated Hashtags is key to reaching new users, and building a good fan base on Instagram.
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