50 Photos Of Cats Enjoying An Awesome Holiday Season

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It’s Christmas y’all, the most wonderful and furriest time of the year! No, that’s not a reference to Santa’s beard or his reindeer. And it’s definitely not about that fuzzy but still ugly sweater we’ll all be receiving this year. Again.

Today is about cats — specifically, cats enjoying Christmas to the fullest! The holiday season is a time to appreciate the small moments with family and friends, the presents, the delicious food, and last but not least, snuggling up with your favorite fluffy companion. With their humans at home for some well-deserved vacation time, these Christmas-y cats are making the most out of it, and they want you to be in on it too. We prepared a gallery of extra cute Christmas cats doing what they do best: living the good life.

It’s time to take a cue from these furry little friends and start making this holiday season your greatest one yet! These Christmas kitties are having a blast as they take festive naps, plan how to get that sparkly tree out of the way, and just in general, nail the Christmas holidays. Their owners obviously love them very much, and we’re all pretty jealous of their awesome lives.

We found dozens of Christmas images of cats enjoying this time of the year like it’s their job — because it totally is. So grab a glass of eggnog, sit back in your favorite chair, adorable cats in your lap, and let yourself get invested in all the festive cuteness!

  1. 1 Every Year My Cat Forgets What A Christmas Tree Is And Re-Discovers The Wonder

  2. 2 Here's Twix. He Puts Up With A Lot From The Kids. Merry Christmas!

  3. 3 My Daughter Has Been Begging Us For A Kitten. We’ve Told Her We're Not Getting One. This Is What Awaits Her On Christmas Morning

  4. 4 It’s Mr. Meatpie’s First Christmas!

  5. 5 Cat Sees A Christmas Tree For The First Time

  6. 6 One Eyed Willy Wishes Everyone A Merry Christmas!

  7. 7 My Cat (Jet) Likes To Sit In Our Fake Christmas Tree

  8. 8 I’m Single And Decided To Celebrate The Holidays By Bringing This Guy Home Today! They Put Him In A Christmas Adoption Sweater

  9. 9 Me And My Only Child Living It Up On Christmas

  10. 10 Dobby's First Christmas!

  11. 11 O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

  12. 12 Our Furbabies Posing For A Christmas Photo

  13. 13 It's Still The Best Christmas Pic I Have Of Them

  14. 14 My Cat Is Afraid Of Tangerines, So I Created A Force Field To Protect The Christmas Tree

  15. 15 Merry Christmas To All The Cats That Got Empty Boxes This Year!

  16. 16 This Is Jack's First Christmas. He Is A Little Infatuated With The Tree

  17. 17 Left The Patio Door Open Briefly For Some Fresh Air. Shortly After, I Heard Some Rustling Behind The Christmas Tree... I Don't Have A Cat

  18. 18 Can You Tell He Wasn’t Happy About The Christmas Photo?

  19. 19 Rare, Never Seen Before Photo Capturing Secret Plot To Overthrow Christmas Tree

  20. 20 The Cat Got Catnip For Christmas, She's So High

  21. 21 Some People Can’t Have Christmas Trees Due To Religious Reasons. We Can’t Have A Christmas Tree Because

  22. 22 Get A Cat They Said. It'll Be Fun

  23. 23 My Wife Insisted That I Take Christmas Pictures Of Our Cat. It Went Better Than Expected

  24. 24 My Cat Ivy In Our Christmas Tree

  25. 25 My Wife Gave Me My Christmas Present Early

  26. 26 Paint Me Like One Of Your Christmas Trees

  27. 27 This Will Forever Be My Favorite Picture Of Her. She Loves Christmas

  28. 28 It Was A Task Getting Her In This Sweater But I Think Our First Christmas Family Photo Together Went Well!

  29. 29 Tom's 1st Christmas

  30. 30 I Put One Of Those Christmas Gift Bows On My Cat’s Head And Her Reaction Was Just Too Adorably Goofy

  31. 31 A Kitten's First Christmas

  32. 32 Toulouse’s First Christmas

  33. 33 Mom, I Can Explain

  34. 34 My Cat And My Tree Are Both Plugged In And Ready For Christmas

  35. 35 Girlfriend’s Cat Has Never Seen Christmas Tree Before

  36. 36 My Cats Really Nailed This Year’s Christmas Photo Shoot

  37. 37 My Friend's Cat Seeing Its First Christmas Tree Plugged In

  38. 38 I Guess I'm A Christmas Tree Now

  39. 39 My Boss Feeds A Stray Cat On Her Back Porch And Bought Kitty Her First Toy For Christmas!

  40. 40 The $70, 7ft Cat Post You Bought Him For Christmas Vs. The Box His Food Comes In

  41. 41 This Was Not The Aesthetic Photo I Was Looking For But Someone Sure Is Excited For Christmas!

  42. 42 None Of My 4 Cats Climb The Christmas Tree. Not Sure Why. This Is The Best "Cat In Tree" Pic I'll Get

  43. 43 My Cat Ripped Open All The Presents Christmas Morning

  44. 44 So, I Guess My Cat Is Done With Christmas

  45. 45 Time To Drag Out The Cat Proof Christmas Tree Again

  46. 46 Someone Guessed What They're Getting For Christmas

  47. 47 Biscuit Proudly Showing His Christmas Bow Tie

  48. 48 My Office Lets Me Bring My Cat To Work, So He Has Ties!

  49. 49 Our Christmas Presents This Year

  50. 50 Cleo Wanted A Picture In Front Of The Christmas Tree. Absolute Poser

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